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When The Eyes of the Soul Are Open

Last week I had to undergo the ordeal of having yet another follow-up bone scan and chest/pelvic CT scan. I have been cancer free and healthy since April 20th, 2010, but since my oncologist took me off all the drugs—the … Continue reading

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Choosing the Things That Make Life Jump Up and Live

A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until you put her into hot water.                                                                                                –Eleanor Roosevelt In the last two weeks I have heard of three people who died—or are dying—of cancer. This … Continue reading

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Fighting Off the Angel of Death

In this blog I describe my actual encounter with the Angel of Death and how I was able, with the help of Divine Energy, to fight it off. That was the beginning of my healing from cancer. Continue reading

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Don’t Put Off Living Until Tomorrow, Start to Really Live Today

All too often we put off the really important stuff in our lives for tomorrow. I almost ran out of tomorrows. This blog talks about how I’m learning that the only things worth living for are the things that make us feel impassioned. Continue reading

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The Courage to Say “No,” The Courage to Say “Yes”

From the time we are children, we are taught that we must always do the practical thing. However, often we kill off our own human spirit trying to be practical. This blog talks about a bold step I made from the known to the unknown–and how right it feels. I chose myself and my dreams, what Robert Frost calls “the road less travelled”–and it will make all the difference. Continue reading

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