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The Gift of Suffering

I have not written in this blog for many months but now I am committing myself to write every day if possible. I usually hate it when bloggers make that announcement, but here are my reasons. In mid-December I began … Continue reading

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We Are All Heroes

Most of us who are battling and recovering from cancer have never thought of ourselves as being heroes for our friends and family. However, I have often been amazed over the years to realize that my courage has inspired others. … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning, May 6, 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time This is the third of a series of blogs on Harmon’s the Eaglet’s continuing recovery at the Minnesota Raptor Center. I know it is hard to piece together these daily updates on … Continue reading

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5-5-12 Links to Rescue Videos of Baby Harmon the Eaglet

There have been a few more updates on the condition of Baby eaglet Harmon in the Minnesota Bound nest. (For details of what happened to Harmon and video of his rescue on Friday afternoon, please see my previous blog.) First, … Continue reading

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Choose Joy

This week I made it to the two-year mark cancer-free and healthy and achieved a major milestone: seven months off the drugs (Herceptin and Tykerb) with no recurrence. My immune system is holding its own. When I sat in my … Continue reading

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Other People’s Craziness

I just had an epiphany today about how so often we fall into the trap of internalizing other people’s craziness, taking it into our hearts and bodies and making ourselves miserable because of it. After 25 years of doing free-lance … Continue reading

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When The Eyes of the Soul Are Open

Last week I had to undergo the ordeal of having yet another follow-up bone scan and chest/pelvic CT scan. I have been cancer free and healthy since April 20th, 2010, but since my oncologist took me off all the drugs—the … Continue reading

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After Cancer, I Am Better Than Before

Ts’it is’tsi’nako, Thought Woman, is sitting in her room and whatever she thinks about appears…. Thought Woman, the spider, named things and as she named them they appeared. She is sitting in her room thinking of a story now I … Continue reading

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How Do We Cope with Loss?

A very gifted friend of mine who has created a wise and magnificent blog on WordPress ( wrote today: “I am in shock. One of  my dearest friends, and one of the dearest people I have ever known, a man … Continue reading

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No One Is Greater or Lesser than You Are

Year ago while I was meditating I had a vision. I saw a tiny ancient woman walking toward me. Her face was creased with an unbelievable amount of wrinkles and she smiled at me with immense unconditional love. Her eyes … Continue reading

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