5-7-12 Mom and Dad Return to Nest – Harmon’s Family Reunited

At 7:00 p.m. Minnesota time, after a day of being alone in the nest, baby eaglet Harmon was finally joined by his parents. First, Dad arrived, sat on the edge of the nest for a couple of minutes, then began feeding Harmon pieces of fish head left in the nest by the Raptor Rescue folks who returned the eaglet home Sunday afternoon.

About a minute and a half later, Mom arrived, took two fish heads from Dad, and began feeding the baby herself. Now that both parents have fed the eaglet, rebonding with him, so to speak, our troubles seem to be over.

I was starting to get worried that he had been abandoned because he was by himself in the nest for more than 24 hours. Minnesota Bound and the Raptor Center were closely monitoring the nest, but it would have been heartbreaking for him to have to be removed from the nest yet again, spend another night with humans, and then be fostered into another eagle nest. The poor little guy has been through enough. Nobody deserved a break more than him.

Here’s the video of Harmon’s Dad and Mom coming home and feeding him. My heart is full. Now we can all watch him grow up in this gorgeous nest in the treetops. I look forward to every moment because, like thousands of others, I have fallen madly in love with Harmon.


The Minnesota Bound folks write: “We just witnessed the most amazing moment. Tears are flowing everywhere. For the last half hour we’ve been monitoring and watching Mom and Dad move closer. Broadband, Raptor Center and MN Bound crews are quite emotional over this most amazing homecoming……… Way to go Harmon!”

At this moment 122,000 people are watching this nest and sharing in this joy.

As the solar-powered batteries faded and the nest cam switched off shortly after 9:00 p.m. Minnesota time, Mom and Harmon were snuggled together in the nest. Sweet eagle dreams.

About Joy Parker

As a three-time cancer survivor and storyteller, I felt compelled to create this blog because I felt the need to connect with an audience and immediately share what I am learning as I am learning it. The material in this blog is serving as the basis for two books that I am writing. The first book talks about how illness is a vehicle that takes us into the unknown land, teaches us things we couldn’t otherwise learn, and then gives us the opportunity to bring them back to our community. It offers a compass and creates a map of the unknown land so that others might find their path more easily. Most important, it shares what I have learned about waking up and being truly alive in this magnificent world. That might sound simple enough, but the actual experience is devastatingly beautiful and powerful. The second project is a book with medicine cards discussing many of the lessons I’ve learned from my experiences with healing and as a healer, the indigenous world, and walking a spiritual path. Most important, it is the story of the development of my own personal mythology. People tend to think of myths as massive stories and beliefs that develop in a culture over hundreds or thousands of years. We now live in a time of crisis and we don’t have a hundred years. The time for healing and transformation is now, and we are the ones we have been waiting for.
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