A Prayer for Those I Call Beloved

This evening I read an email sent to me by my dear friend Larry who shared the story of one of his clients who had miraculously moved from stage 4 cancer to stage 2 cancer. When she talked about the miracles she was experiencing, I rejoiced with her and felt encouraged. But what touched me most was her statement that she prayed for those who had given her so much love and had held her so many times in the arms of prayer.

So, I would like to offer a prayer for all of you who have prayed for me—and to any who are reading this blog.

My most beloved Creator, I thank you for the rare gift you have given me of so many loving souls in my life. I am so honored and filled with joy when I think of the hours they have spent praying for me and I bless their names for they are all pearls of great price, more special and precious than they will ever know. But I know, because I hold them in my heart. My heart has become large since I have walked on this journey and the scales fell from my eyes. I see the light in my brothers and sisters and they are brighter than the sun. And, again, I praise you for them. Because they are my friends, there has never been a woman as lucky as I am.

May these dear souls always feel a foundation under their feet, a foundation stronger than the world, stronger than death, stronger than fear, stronger than grief. May they feel a peace that passes beyond imagination and may they feel a love so powerful that it rocks them to the depths of their very beings. May they know that armies fight on their side, and that they are loved beyond any magnitude of love they can conceive of, that angels stand beside them and that the Great Mother Goddess holds them against her breast and rocks them, that the living Christ stands both human and divine beside them and will let no harm come close to them.  Whatever form divinity takes for them, may they stand within its loving mystery and know joy.

Give them laughter, purpose, and a good road at their feet, a path in life worth taking. Give them courage and imagination and the power to be who they truly are. Show them their true faces.

And give them the ordinary and special joys of this body, this life—family, to be held in love, to eat good meals with friends, to take walks in the quiet places in nature, to sing whatever is their song, to dance whatever steps their feet wish to take. May they know that their children, their parents, their lovers, and their friends are all held within Your watchful care.

Lastly, whatever you teach them, be very gentle with them. May all their pain just be a pathway to greater joy.  May all their grief just be an ending and a new beginning and a sweet release. May all their fear be a vehicle that helps them to know that they are held under your wings, utterly safe and protected. May they, as Saint Teresa said, know that they are exactly where they are meant to be, and may they trust in the infinite possibilities of faith.

Blessed Be

About Joy Parker

As a three-time cancer survivor and storyteller, I felt compelled to create this blog because I felt the need to connect with an audience and immediately share what I am learning as I am learning it. The material in this blog is serving as the basis for two books that I am writing. The first book talks about how illness is a vehicle that takes us into the unknown land, teaches us things we couldn’t otherwise learn, and then gives us the opportunity to bring them back to our community. It offers a compass and creates a map of the unknown land so that others might find their path more easily. Most important, it shares what I have learned about waking up and being truly alive in this magnificent world. That might sound simple enough, but the actual experience is devastatingly beautiful and powerful. The second project is a book with medicine cards discussing many of the lessons I’ve learned from my experiences with healing and as a healer, the indigenous world, and walking a spiritual path. Most important, it is the story of the development of my own personal mythology. People tend to think of myths as massive stories and beliefs that develop in a culture over hundreds or thousands of years. We now live in a time of crisis and we don’t have a hundred years. The time for healing and transformation is now, and we are the ones we have been waiting for.
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3 Responses to A Prayer for Those I Call Beloved

  1. silvana balsimelli says:

    Wow…Joy!!!! that prayer was profoundly resonant in my body….thank you for the healing….love silvana

  2. Artemisia Hunt says:

    So beautiful….as I read your prayer, I felt it enter my being deeply and sweetly….thank you Joy!

  3. Suchmaschine says:

    Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? Regards,

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